Advantages of Corrugated fiberboard boxes compared to traditional packaging

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Better loading capacity


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Better product protection

The rigidity of corrugated fiberboard helps us to make insert constructions for boxes that hold the inserted product perfectly and protect it from damages, even if the box gets hit, thus these are the best transport boxes.


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Made out of recyclable material, thus they meet environmental provisions.

In certain industries packaging materials have to meet the requirements of environmental provisions. Boxes made out of corrugated fiberboard can meet these criteria because corrugated sheets are made out of recycled material, and if we apply proper technology during printing, the packaging material will meet the requirements of the provisions.




Can be used as a decorative box and a transport box at the same time because it’s sturdy yet aesthetic

We can make liners used to mount open corrugated fiberboards unique with numerous surface treatment procedures that can help create unique decorative boxes with elegant appearance which are elegant and heavy-duty at the same time. We can create a velvety surface by using soft touch foil, but we can also apply hot foil stamping, embossing or cold foil technology.


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They last longer, thus perform more functions