Corrugated leaflet holder

Popular and frequently used product. It stores free brochures and leaflets, but is an excellent advertising surface as well. It may be used to convey messages other than the content of the documents stored in it, to draw attention to sale promotions and special offers.

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Leaflet holder / Corrugated leaflet holder

Corrugated leaflet holder

Typically, A5 and LA4 size leaflets are made with different shapes. In case of a request for an offer we can offer a great variety without charging costs for any tools due to many die-cutting tools in our arsenal.

We recommend Corrugated leaflet holders for the following purposes:

  • if you are looking for a solution to place info material, small brochures, maps in an organized manner
  • if you want that your client can easily find the necessary information while possible queuing time
  • for those who believe it is important that as much information as possible should be available of their product at the point of sale
  • if it is important to you that the placed leaflet holder should be usable for a long time
  • if it is important to you to use recyclable material

Advantages of Corrugated leaflet holders compared to the version made our of cardboard

  • much better resistance, can be used for a longer period
  • big-sized advertising material and small-sized brochures can be stored, if the proper construction is designed
  • can be placed near the cash desk due to its size, thus it catches the eye of the consumer more often
  • the open waves are mounted, thus we offer a great variety of papers as top layers for mounted leaflet holders
  • the leaflet holder can indicate to the topic of the inserted info material because of its transformable shape