Advertisement display

The most commonly used construction at the introduction of a new product to the market. It is spectacular and eye-catching with big printable surfaces to display all necessary information beside the inserted product.

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Display / Advertisement display

Advertisement display

The shape of the advertising display is unique and always structured around the product, its details emphasize the product’s characteristics. Several levels are possible and not only products but also handouts can be stored in them.

We recommend Advertisement displays for the following purposes:

  • if you are also looking for solutions to find spectacular and durable functions for your products
  • for those who believe it is important that their products are in the forefront for a long period at the point of sale
  • if it is important that adaptable advertising surfaces are shown beside your products
  • if you want to draw attention to your products with extraordinary and unique solutions
  • if it is important to you to use recyclable material

Advantages of Advertising display compared to traditional advertising materials

  • can be eye-catching in shape and size, thus it grabs the attention sooner than a handout
  • the products can be distributed directly from the display
  • the product’s most important advantages can be presented on the display’s surface, thus it can encourage the consumer for a quicker decision
  • the open waves are mounted, thus we offer a great variety of papers as top layers for mounted displays
  • due to the durability of the material it can be used for a long period and can be refilled with products multiple times