The slipcases made out of corrugated fiberboard are sturdy yet aesthetic. Perfect solution for storing and packaging big-sized books or sequels and brochures.

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Gift box / Slipcase


The corrugated slipcase can be produced in various shapes depending on what product got inserted into the case.

We recommend Slipcases for the following purposes:

  • if you want protective packaging for the transport of books and brochures
  • if you are looking for packaging for books and magazines at a more favourable price than the decorative box
  • for those who value recyclability of packaging material
  • if you want a practical packaging with low space requirement

Advantages of Corrugated Slipcase compared to the version made our of cardboard

  • sturdier, protects the books better from damages
  • provides proper protection for the big-sized books as well, if the proper construction is designed
  • this elegant and decorative solution can be used instead of decorative boxes with unique surface treatment
  • the open waves are mounted, thus we offer a great variety of paper choices as top layers for mounted slipcases
  • more durable, thus the books can be stored for a longer period