Shop dispenser box

The dispenser box performs more functions. The product is protected during transport and can be easily shaped into a dispenser box at the point of sale. We can place a permanently visible, eye-catching design or product description to the rear panel that can be created from the top.

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Storage boxes / Shop dispenser box

Shop dispenser box

The dispenser box is a construction glued in 1 or 3 points, on top of which can be transformed into an information panel behind the products after opening. The sides can be removed along the lines of the perforation, thus the inserted products can be seen clearly.

We recommend Corrugated shop dispenser boxes for the following purposes:

  • if you are looking for an aesthetic yet durable dispenser box for your products
  • for those who believe in the best protection for the products during transport
  • if you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble constructio
  • if you are looking for durable packaging that can be used multiple times
  • if it is important to you to use food-friendly packaging material

Advantages of Corrugated shop dispenser boxes compared to traditional packaging

  • practical and sturdy packaging material that protects the products, but can be used at the same time as dispenser box
  • placement of more several boxes on top of each other is possible because of the construction, thus the low space requirement
  • made out of eco-friendly material, thus it serves as proper packaging material for food as well
  • the open waves are mounted, thus we offer a great variety of papers as layers for mounted paper boxes
  • the box can be easily transformed into a dispenser box after transport