Wall display

The wall-hanging display is the perfect choice for an eye-catching placement for a new or promotional product. The products inserted in the display are given particular attention because they are placed on separate unique shelves.

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Display / Wall display

Wall display

In most cases the shape of the wall-hanging display has a shelf design, and several levels to be able to place as many products in it as possible. It is possible to refer to the characteristics of the inserted product with the shape of the rear panel.

We recommend Wall displays for the following purposes:

  • if you are looking for solutions to dispense your products in a spectacular way with low space requirements
  • for those who believe it is important that their products should be placed visibly at the point of sale
  • if it is important that adaptable advertising surfaces are shown beside your products
  • if you are looking for dispensing opportunities for not too heavy products
  • if it is important to you to use recyclable material

Advantages of Wall displays compared to traditional advertising materials

  • the wall-hanging display is more eye-catching than a handout or a wobbler and can encourage the consumer to purchase
  • the wall-hanging display doesn’t take up too much space at the point of sale, thus it can be placed better and is a visible solution
  • an informative tool because the product’s most important advantages can be presented on the display’s surface
  • the open waves are mounted, thus we offer a great variety of papers as top layers for mounted displays
  • due to the durability of the material it can be used for a long period and can be refilled with products multiple times