Premium suitcase

The suitcase shaped heavy-duty construction can be produced in different sizes. We can use our own material for the design of the carrying handle, or we can manufacture suitcases with plastic handles.

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Gift box / Premium suitcase

Premium suitcase

Suitcase-like shape with big space for the product. In case of several products we can help providing their safe placement with insert constructions. The material is a corrugated sheet, whereas its thickness is chosen according to the size of the box. The design of the box can be made extraordinary with unique surface treatment.

We recommend Premium corrugated suitcases for the following purposes:

  • if you are looking for elegant and practical packaging with big space
  • for those who believe in the best protection for their products
  • if you’re thinking of an easy and fast-to-assemble transport box
  • if you are looking for durable packaging that can be used multiple times
  • for those who believe it is important that the packaging material should have value


Advantages of Premium corrugated suitcases compared to traditional packaging

  • more durable and provides better protection for the products
  • the resistant material makes it possible to package big-sized and heavy objects as well
  • by using unique surface finishing it is possible to create premium-like yet solid suitcases
  • the open waves are mounted, thus we offer a great variety of papers as layers for mounted paper boxes
  • we can change the appearance of the suitcase by choosing the top layer, from seminatural to luxury design